Flexilube's Corporate Social Responsibility Programme is a way in which we can have a meaningful impact through our activities, on the environment and the broader social community. Our key areas of focus for our programme are:

1. Environmental Sustainability:
Areas include recycling, waste management, water management, using renewable energy sources, utilizing reusable resources, creating 'greener' supply chains, using digital technology instead of hard copies, etc. Our business model is that of cradle to grave recycling, being a recycler of waste lubricating oil back into finished lubricants. This sustainability model has been used by our company for almost 50 years in South Africa, and we are very proud to still be practicing and contributing to the sustainability of the lubricants industry by practicing "true recycling".

2. Community Involvement:
This includes raising money for NPO's, supporting social programmes which assist previously disadvantaged individuals, sponsoring local events, employing people from our local community and running learnership programmes for black unemployed learners. We are especially committed to making a meaningful difference to education in South Africa, as we believe this has the power to build a better future for all South Africans.

We are proud sponsors of and donors to:

uBambiswano is a Saturday School programme run by St Andrew's School for Girls in Gauteng. The programme is attended by students from schools in Daveyton and Etwatwa. They have a 34-year track record of contributing to the lives of over 1000 students. On average, 100 students from grades 5 to 9 attend the Saturday School over a five-year period. While literacy, numeracy, educational and life skills are their priority, additional enrichment activities such as music, swimming and debating are included in the programme. Their students call uBambiswano, a place of 'hope' as they believe the programme provides them with the hope of a better future.

As an organisation, uBambiswano is committed to playing an active role in transforming society, and to making a meaningful contribution to education in our country. The students of uBambiswano (both former and current) have achieved academic and personal success as a result of their involvement with the Saturday School programme. It is these satisfying results that have motivated and energised us to partner with such an incredible organisation.
For more information, see https://www.ubambiswano.com/

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