Two new ways to get the most out of your metalworking fluid

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1. On-site Condition Monitoring

At the core of our metalworking fluid optimisation programme are our trained technical field service specialists. The first of its kind in the industry, our Coolant Doctor Mobile Laboratory is equipped with sophisticated portable test equipment to perform on-site analysis of your metalworking fluids and industrial lubricants. These tests are performed to establish the condition of the emulsions, solutions and industrial lubricants, so that corrective action may be taken before a problem develops.


2. Metalworking Fluid Management

The day-to-day management of the metalworking fluid is essential to keep it in good condition, thereby optimising its overall performance.

The following criteria are monitored:


3. Metalworking Fluid Preparation

When using water-based coolants, most problems are traced back to the incorrect mixing of emulsions and solutions. With the installation of an automated dosing station, coolants are prepared quickly and accurately on demand.


4. Problem-solving

65 Years of industrial expertise means that knowledgeable and competent technically trained representatives are available to assist in diagnostics and solution finding should challenges arise.

5. Advice

Eventually, all metalworking fluids and lubricants reach the end of their useful service life and need to be disposed of. Compliance with hazardous waste regulations is extremely important for your business and the environment. We offer advice on the correct disposal of used metalworking fluids as well as a solution for the disposal of waste lubricating oils.

6. Stock Level Monitoring

Stock management issues can be costly and interfere with the smooth running of your production process. Regular stock level monitoring by our field staff will prevent unnecessary down-time due to insufficient stock, as well as the high costs associated with holding excess stock.

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