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Flexilube are in the process of applying for Environmental Authorisation (EIA) and Licensing for the proposed upgrade and expansion of their lubricants manufacturing plant in Meyerton.

The purpose of an EIA and the associated licensing processes is to provide the decision-making authorities with sufficient information on which to base their decision to grant or refuse an environmental authorisation and if, granted to define conditions for the development. The contributions made by stakeholders from all sectors of society will ensure informed decision-making. You are invited to participate freely and to submit any comments or information you feel may be useful to the EIA process. Registered interested and affected parties (I&APs) are entitled to comment, in writing, on all written submissions to the competent authority (GDARD) and to bring to the attention of the competent authority, any issues which the party believes may be of significance to the consideration of the applications. You have to register as an I&APs ts receive further notices about public meetings and details of public review of reports produced as part of the EIA and license application processes.

Your comments and registration as an interested and affected
party are important. For further information on the application or to register as as an interested and affected party please
Click Here.