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Flexilube’s Corporate Social Initiatives Programme is a way in which we can have a positive impact through our activities, on the environment and the broader social community. Our key areas of focus for our programme are:

1. Environmental Sustainability: Areas include recycling, waste management, water management, using renewable energy sources, utilizing reusable resources, creating 'greener' supply chains, using digital technology instead of hard copies, etc.

Our business model is that of cradle to grave recycling, being a recycler of waste lubricating oil back into finished lubricants. This sustainability model has been used by our company for almost 50 years in South Africa, and we are very proud to still be practicing and contributing to the sustainability of the lubricants industry by practicing “true recycling”.

We are proud sponsors of and donors to:

Food & Trees for Africa are active in sustainable development, climate change action and raising consciousness of these issues. The objectives of FTFA are to contribute to greening, climate change, sustainable natural resource management and food security, to create and awareness of the benefits of environmental upliftment activities amongst all communities of Southern African. To contribute to poverty alleviation, improved environments, capacity building and skills development. FTFA works in partnership with government, the private and public sectors and civil society to improve the quality of life and environments for all communities of the country.

Download our Food and Trees for Africa report here.

Trees for Homes Initiative

In 2014, Flexilube launched its’ Trees for Homes Initiative with FTFA, by distributing 350 trees to disadvantaged residents in the Sicelo settlement in Midvaal. This initial project was so successful that for World Water Day in 2015, we distributed a further 500 trees in Sicelo, along with vegetable seeds for food gardens.

2. Community Involvement: This can include raising money for local charities, supporting social programmes which assist previously disadvantaged individuals, sponsoring local events, employing people from our local community etc.

In 2013 we donated a family play park to our local community to be used for families to enjoy, with a variety of jungle gyms for children to play on and picnic tables to sit and relax in the surrounds of The Oval Park.

Flexilube donates 1% of its net profit after tax to these chosen organisations whose beneficiary base to South African Citizens who are black people ranges from between 90 – 100%, which is in line with Flexilube’s commitment to Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment.