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Flexilube is built on past experience gained from founding and operating the largest independent lubricant’s manufacturer in South Africa. Flexilube was subsequently started in 1984, combining a wealth of knowledge with a spirit of innovation and flair for improvement.

Dedication, sacrifice and a high level of exposure are the cornerstones of a company dedicated to the benefit of our customers, staff and suppliers.

Flexilube has an uncompromising attitude to high quality standards. Blending techniques conform to the latest international standards and we were the first independent lubricants manufacturer to obtain the ISO 9000 certification. Flexilube has been assessed and has been found to satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

Through continuous liaison with international lubricant and additive companies Flexilube is able to remain abreast of new developments and technology, incorporating such advances into our increasingly sophisticated range of products. We always work in close collaboration with customers, finding new solutions to their problems and improving our existing range of products to meet our and their exacting standards.